Monday, December 19, 2011

Memories For Bodie

We all know that Karli was an amazing and very special person to so many and we want to make sure that her son Bodie grows up hearing stories of how amazing his mother was. This blog is to share your stories and memories of Karli so that someday her son can look back and know his mother through all of us. Everyone is more than welcome to share photos as well. Ultimately through this blog we hope to create a book for Will and Bodie to have forever.

We can't wait to read all the stories and the pictures!!


  1. Dear Bodie,

    Your mother was one of my "little sisters". I have so many incredible memories of her. I can't wait to share them with you.


    P.S. We just ate a cheese pizza from J.J.'s.

  2. Dear Bodie,

    Your mommy tried and wished for you and finally you came. She was the happiest shes ever been, she loved you instantly. She was so excited when her belly finally started showing and all she could do was talk about you and think about you. With you safe in her belly your mommy glowed. She was more beautiful than Ive ever seen her and I know she finally experienced pure joy. Youre crazy mommy tried using a telephone app to see what you might look like and you came out black haa. Clearly that app was faulty but it was so funny to hear your mom tell the story. She had the most incredible sense of humor and wit!!! Karli was the beautiful through and through and had a way of making everyone who new her completely fall in love with her. I know you will have all the amazing qualities in you that your mom possessed. She lives on through you Bodie. You are her legacy, her most cherished prize and her most amazing accomplishment. Her spirit shines on in you forever sweet boy. I love you always as I loved her.


  3. Sweet boy,
    Your mom was the most incredible young woman in the world. She was beautiful, smart, loving, friendly, inviting and she possessed a zest for life most can only yearn for. I met Karli in 7th grade, and we always had so muh fun going to King skate country and roller skating all the time. We shared many laughs at the pizza hut in caughlin ranch that we were just old enough to walk to by ourselves.. She had special "rexing skates," so I had to get them-she wore super cool Nike track jackets, so I shopped for them. She was nice to everyone, always happys, always positive, always a complete joy to be around. I admired her while growing up and I admired her still. I was so proud of her when she became a nurse. I believed in myself, and my ability to become a nurse because I saw your mom do it so well. I'll use her memory in the future to push myself through struggles and to be the best person I can be, because that's what your mommy always did. I know her amazing friends and family, and your daddy will take amazing care of you. Precious Bodie, always know your mommy is watching you from heaven. Anytime the sunshines, see your mommy's beautiful face. She was the most beautiful girl in the world-inside and out....I can only imagine what she's like as an angel. I love you Bodie, as I loved your Mommy. Forever.

  4. Kar Kar,

    I have a lifetime of memories with you, and there's not enough words to share all of my stories and how you made me feel, but when I think of a memory I'll try to write it down so Bodie can share it.

    The first one I'll share is a short one...
    I remember when you and I were shopping at the Niche one day. I went up to the counter to pay for my stuff, and as I was checking out, you yelled out "Agatha!" I turned around to see what you wanted to show me, and then when I turned back around I saw that the cashier was giving me a really really weird look. I had to explain that my name wasn't really Agatha and that you always gave me the most random nicknames. You thought it was hilarious, of course, but I was so embarrassed. You always got a kick out of embarrassing me. I miss those nicknames though.

    I also remember when we were in California somewhere at a bagel shop. When we ordered our food, the lady asked for our names, and you told her we were Gertrude and Irshwin. It was so hard not to bust out laughing, and the lady thought we were crazy. You were always making people laugh.

    Those are my memories for now. I'll post more as they come to me.

    Love you Irshwin.

    Your sister,

  5. Little Bodeman,
    Yes I just gave you a nickname cause that is what you mother would have done. She had a nickname for everything and everyone, which is why I can no longer call anyone by their real name. Some of my nicknames over the years: Captain Stewby, Stewar78, Stew-L-Mon, the list could go on forever. I have known your mother since the second grade and we have been like sisters ever since. She was one of the funniest people I have ever met having had even made up her own language in high school (I'll teach it to you and your friends someday so you can talk in code). I want you to know that your mother was absolutely in love with you from the moment she found out she was pregnant. She had always wanted to be a mother and you finally gave her that gift. Before we knew if you were a boy or a girl we went baby shopping just for fun, Grandma Susie, Karli and I, and I bought you a fluffy onsie with a pink skull on it and made her promise to have you wear it even if you were a boy. Your mom loved you enough to take it back for something else behind my back though, so don't worry. She would always call me and tell me how easy it was being pregnant with you and how much she loved it. I would always ask her what it was like and she would just say the only difference is now I have to pee more. The last time I was in town I went with Karli and family to get the 3-D baby imaging done and this was the first time we all got to see your beautiful chubby little cheeks. Of course we all thought you were adorable, but your mom had to ask the nurse who was doing the imaging what she thought. She said you were honestly one of the cutest babies she had ever seen and your mom's response to that was, "Do you have to say that to everyone?" and she said "no when I don't think they are cute I just say, oh how precious." So when you were born one of the first things Karli asked her mom was if you were prescious. She said absolutely not, your baby Bodie is absolutely not prescious. And I agree, you are the most non-prescious prescious little boy and I can't wait to see you grow up.

    Love you baby boy
    Auntie Lyndsay

  6. Dear Bodie,

    Your mom was an amazing snowboarder. It was one of her favorite things to do and she was really good at it. We were snowboarding buddies for so many years, riding together side by side.

    We have so many memories from our trips over the years, with so many different friends and family, and your Daddy, but there is one day I wanted to share with you because your mom and I used to talk about it as being one of the most epic days in our lives.

    It was a perfect day out, it had just snowed about two feet up in Tahoe and your mom and I decided to head up to Mt. Rose for a half day after school. We had so much fun riding together... Anyways, we decided to hike way up into the backside of Rose, out of bounds and untouched by anyone. It was a very hard hike and we kept complaining about our legs being exhausted in the deep snow, but we made it to the top. We started to ride down and it was like the world went on pause. It was the most beautiful day and the sun was coming through the spreadout snow covered trees. The powder was glistening, untouched, in the sun as we glided down the hill. Your mom and I didn't say a word to eachother the entire way down. It was just absolute euphoria for both of us and I will never forget that day with her.

    To end it we ended up having to hike about a mile out and hitchhike back to the parking lot, but that is a whole different story I'll tell you when you get older... :)

    I can't wait to shred nar with you like I did with your Mama. I know you are going to be just as brave and athletic as she was. Maybe one day we can hike to the same spot with your Daddy. If our bones can handle it by then...

    Love you,

    Auntie Em

  7. Dear Bodie-

    This is Tamsen, your NICU nurse and friend of your lovely mommy. I went to Reno High with your mommy and have so many fond memories of her. Powder puff football was a highlight for sure. We spent more time putting on our football make-up and picking out our game day outfits then we did practicing. However, your mommy was determined to win and was prepared to be brutal on the field. She decided that my jersey name would be " T Doug." I loved it!
    Before you were born I ran into your mommy at 1 am in the Renown cafeteria. We were both working night shift and like zomibes we made our way to the greasy grill to order up grilled cheese sandwiches and fries. We joked about how we were going to be giant if we kept eating like this. We talked about married life and of course...babies! She said she couldn't wait to be pregnant and have a baby. It wasn't long after that, that Bodie Johnson was born!
    I look forward to telling you more about your mommy as you become a big boy.

    With lots of love,

  8. Dear Bodie,

    Your mom was one of the very best of friends I could have ever wished for. There are so many stories, it was difficult for me to pick just one to begin with. This story is not one of the silly or funny ones but I think it will show you how good of a friend your beautiful mother was to me.

    I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 3 years and I was crushed. I was so sad and I did not know how to continue on with my life. I pretty much lived at your mommy and daddy's house during this difficult time and they took such good care of me. A couple days after the breakup, I remembered I had tickets to go to a Foo Fighters concert that night and I had planned on going with my boyfriend so was considering just giving the tickets away. I told your mommy my plan and she said, "No way! Forget giving the tickets away! Let's go!!" So your mom and I got ready, she did my hair and makeup and made sure that I felt extra pretty.

    We got to the concert and we had a blast! We ended up getting into the VIP section for part of the concert so it was an extra special night. We laughed, danced, and sang to all of the songs together. The last song of the night came on "Best of You". One day I will play this song for you. I had done my best the whole concert to be strong and hold back any sadness but when this song came on I literally just crumbled. I fell to the ground, covered my face, and began to sob. I was on the ground only about 2 sec when I felt arms wrapping around me. It was your mom. She was sitting on the floor of the Reno Events Center hugging me and crying with me. She whispered into my ear, "Kara, you are the most beautiful, smart, strong, kind, thoughtful, and all-over amazing person I have ever met. You will make it through this time and become even stronger because of it. I love you so much." For the remainder of the song and the concert, we just sat together on the floor and she held me. After the concert was over, she helped me up and held my hand while she walked me to the restroom and fixed my makeup.

    I will never forget this night I had with your mom. I knew at that moment that she was one of the best friends I have ever and will ever have. Your mommy was a wonderful, caring, and nurturing person. She has helped me get through some of the worst times of my life but she was also there for almost all of the best times of my life as well. She was my best friend and she was there for me through the thick and the thin. She never ran when times got tough, she was even more present through the difficult times.

    There are also many happy, crazy, silly stories and I will continue over the years to share those with you as well.

    Bodie, I loved your mom more than I ever thought I could love a friend. I considered her more of a sister I never had. I will continue to love her every single day.

    With all the love in my heart,
    Auntie Kara (aka Karold as your mommy would call me)

  9. Baby Bodie,

    There are so many funny and wonderful memories I have of your mom that I really don't know where to begin. We met during high school in the fall of 2003 in a sports-medicine class at RTI. She went to Reno high and I went to Galena. RTI was for all the smart kids who wanted to be challenged outside of the regular high school curriculum .... supposedly. However, we all took the class just to get away from school for part of the day :) The first day of class your mom and I became friends. Her laugh was so silly and infectious even if the story she told wasn't funny you would laugh just because her laugh made you. We spent a majority of that semester not going to class and meeting up to go snowboarding instead. Your mother was fearless, something that I really admired about her. She had been through so much but still lived life to the fullest and wasn't scared of anything. She pushed me to be a better rider because I wanted to be as fearless as she was, I wanted to be just like your momma.

    We quickly became really good friends. Even though we went to different high schools we managed to hang out a lot. She even MADE one of her best friends Cam (who had no idea who I was at the time, poor guy) take me to Reno's prom just so we could go to a prom together :) After high school we all moved into the Sterling apartment complex, which has a million stories of it's own that i'll save for when you're older! It was during this time that we became best friends. Stew, Cam, Kenny and your mom all lived together but i'm pretty sure I could have been considered the 5th roommate, since I stayed over there most of the time even though my apartment was a building away. Your mom was a person that EVERYONE wanted to be around. She made you smile and laugh and forget about anything that was bothering you. Her presence just lifted your spirits up. She was there for me through so much, anytime I was sad or even just had a cold I would crawl in your Mommas bed and i'd lay there for hours because she just made me feel so much better.

    The weekend your mom and dad met is one i'll never forget. It was the UNR/UNLV rival football game in Las Vegas. Her and I made a last minute decision to hop on a plane and meet the girls in Vegas. On the plane ride there she kept talking about this guy she saw out named Will Johnson and how hot he was :) Our one and only goal for the game was not to watch UNR beat UNLV but it was to find Will and meet him. I remember walking around the tail gate literally just looking for your dad. When she saw him she lit up and of course got all giddy and giggly and kept saying over and over again how hot he was. They eventually ended up meeting that day and ALL she could talk about was how he didn't ask for her number and how bummed she was. When they finally started dating I knew that this was forever. She was in love with your dad the day they met. The way she talked about him, the way she lit up when he was around is something you just don't see too often. Your parents are truly special people. You are very blessed to have two parents who love so unconditionally.

    Your mom was one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She will live on in you and all who loved her. Know that she is always with you and loves you more than you could ever possibly imagine.

    All my love Bodeman,
    Breezy, Breezile, Breez (yes your mother LOVED nicknames lol)
    aka Amber Nunes

  10. Sweet Baby Bodie,

    YOU have two amazing, kind, loving, smart, fun,and spirited parents. I was blessed to spend a couple of years in nursing school with Karli and she was by far my favorite girl there. She always faced our school challenges with a great attitude and made long days fun and bearable. I'll never forget the day we graduated, she walked in front of me and we were both so happy the day had come. Right before she crossed the stage I put an orchid lei around her neck and we hugged, knowing how long and tough the road had been.
    It made me so happy to know that your Mommy and Daddy were getting married because I knew your Dad in high school and I knew after meeting your Mom that they were the perfect couple. I know that her shining light will be passed down to you and that she lives on through your Dad and you. She was beautiful inside and out and will never be forgotten. God Bless you sweet little one. Can't wait to meet you. Love the Moala's

  11. Baby Bodie,
    I knew your bright-eyed mom when she competed in gymnastics with my daughter. What a special group of girls they were, and Karli always made sure that while they were serious about workouts and competition, they still had to have fun (even if they got in trouble for it). Her beautiful eyes could stare down a judge, but there was always a twinkle in them too. What fun she was to be around, with all the sleep-overs, gym meets, and life in general. You have a wonderful family around you and you'll surely hear thousands of more stories about your mom. We wish you lots of love and strength throughout your special life.

    JoAnne & Mike Gipson

  12. Dear Bodie,
    You have the coolest name ever. Your mom was known for coming up with some pretty clever nicknames, but the one I gave her when we were in middle school was "Squints". She would give me this look and squint her eyes at me whenever I would try to do or say something to make her laugh. Eventually we would both laugh it up about whatever ridiculous comment or facial expression I made or crazy idea I had, but never before she gave me that look. Ask your dad to watch the movie "The Sandlot" and that will help explain it too.

    I wrote a poem called "Bodie" a few years before you were born. I Wasn't sure exactly why or who it was written for at the time. I thought it was about me. All these years later it became obvious that it was written for you, your mom and your dad.


    We live fast, die young,
    Play hard, write harder
    And fight the fire.

    Hold grudges, but only for a few seconds.
    Make love, make rest,
    Make pee.
    Wash your hands
    And make her breakfast.

    Get a dog, and name him Bodie
    Be strong like your dad,
    Love and listen like your mom.

    Travel to new places,
    As often as you can
    Until they have all been hit.

    Sing loud, talk soft,
    Think deep, sleep well.
    Always fish early,
    And brush your teeth often.

    Drink the water, eat the earth
    Feel pain and feel hurt.
    But don't forget to feel
    The dirt.

    Let the roots grow strong,
    Embrace her touch.
    Breathe in the flower.

    -Dylan Malfa

  13. Bodie,

    I just looked at the picture of you getting your first bath, and boy you are adorable and flawless! I got really thinking about your mom the last couple days, which brings me to tell you about a vivid memory I have with her. The Lake Almanor trip (your Aunty Lynds will take you there, I'm sure). We played the lovely drinking game of wizard staff, which led all of us to drink more beer so our "staff" was longer than the others. Karli's was long, but not quite as long as Kurt's (who had to climb onto the counter and put his leg on the fridge while holding his wizard staff, and Karli pointing up covering her mouth in "shock"). Karli would make jabs at those who were doing better than she was, just to make herself feel better. We would all just laugh, and proceed to make our sweet potatoe fries! Those memories will last forever with me.

    That same night at the Almanor house, your mother, Lyndsay, Kara, Cameron, Kurt and I, all decided to wear foam visors and some of us even wrote on them. Cam wrote whatever nickname on mine, some didn't write anything, but Karli wrote on hers,"Baller Nation". Typical Karli, writing something badass because she knows she is a Baller. That's one of the many reasons why I love your mother Bodie!

    Stephanie Hooft

  14. Dear Bodie,

    I met your mom Karli soon after she married your dad. We met at work when she started as a nurse. I remember meeting Karli and instantly liking her. We became fast friends and I loved spending time with her. Your mom was such a funny, smart, caring and beautiful person. Her sense of humor and ability to always have a good time were irresistible. I remember the day she found out she was pregnant with you. The night before she found out she was having you, she was at work and kept texting me to bring her a pregnancy test. I told her that she wasn’t pregnant, she sure proved me wrong! Bodie, your mom was so happy. As you grew in your mom’s belly, we would go on long walks with the dogs, and your mom would talk about how excited she and your dad were for your arrival into this world. There was never a dull moment with your mom. I could have never asked for a better friend. She was a strong woman, who never let anything stand in her way. I admired her. I will love and miss Karli forever. Bodie, I know you are going to make your mommy very proud, I can’t wait to watch you grow up. I will love you just as I love your mother; you are definitely a very, very strong little guy…just like your mom.

    Love Always,
    Chelsie Gretsch

  15. Our little Bodie man..

    It has taken me some time to be able to write to you, it is not an easy thing for me.. especially that there are far too many memories to pick from to talk about and share. I realized though that it doesn't matter what I choose to say now, because I have the rest of our lives to tell you every little detail and memory I have of your mother. She was an amazing person, there was not one person I knew that didn't want to know her or be her friend. She had this energy and love about her that attracted people and she had the biggest heart I knew. The perfect example is when we went to visit your mom in the hospital the day you were born. When we walked into the room she was smiling and so happy to see us and the first thing she did was thank us for coming to see her. Then she immediately started in on asking each of us how we were and was concerned about us before herself. This is who your mom was, she was always looking out for others, especially her family and friends. I had just gotten home from running my first marathon and that was the first thing she said to me, congratulations. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. Of all the things to be thinking of and talking about, she could not stop congratulating me and telling me how proud and happy she was for me. It warmed my heart beyond belief and made me realize how much I loved her and our friendship. For 14 years, your mother was one of my best friends, she was our rock, and I know she will continue to be, just in the form of an angel. She is here with us everyday, I can feel her just as I know you can and will forever. I promise to never stop sharing her memories with you and will always love you just as your mother would want us all to.

    All my love, All my life
    Auntie Nicole aka Ninja

  16. Hi Bodie,

    I thought of a hilarious memory of your mama last night and wanted to share... this is one of those "do as we say, not as we do" kind of memories. ;)

    This was during the one year that your mom and I were in high school together. I was 14, and she was 17, and we were going to an AFI concert with some friends. When we got to the concert, my friend and I went to hold a spot in the line to get in while your mom and her friends were taking shots in auntie Kara's car in the parking lot. (I forgot to mention that we had 5 people jammed into Kara's tiny Mitsubishi Eclipse.) When they finally got in line with us, Karli was hammered! She kept putting her arms around my neck and hanging on me and telling me that I need to be my own person and do what I want to do, not to listen to what other people are doing. And she kept saying in her slurred speech, "I sssswear I'm a good cccitizzen." She probably said that to me at least 30 times that night, and every time I would laugh at her and tell her she was drunk, which just perpetuated the cycle.

    When we finally got into the concert, your mom dropped her ticket in the lobby. Instead of just picking it up like a normal person, she got in this goofy wide-legged stance like she was going to do some squats. She then bent over very slowly and grabbed the ticket off the floor. When she stood up, she put both of her fists in the air and closed her eyes and yelled "Yessss!" like it was a major accomplishment. She then proceeded to lay down on the stairs in the events center, and I'm pretty sure she slept through the whole concert.

    Here's my favorite part... when the concert was over, my friend and I were trying to find your mom and her friends so we could go home. I didn't know where they were, so I called your mom. Here's how our conversation went:
    Me: Karli, where are you guys?
    Karli: We're in the middle of the strees!!!
    M: Where?
    K: The streeeees! We're in the middle of the strees!
    M: Karli, I don't know what the strees are, where are you?

    Then Kara grabs the phone from her and says, "Megan, we're at the bottom of the stairs, by the trees." And I can hear Karli in the background yelling, "In the middle of the strees!" I was laughing so hard I was crying.

    I love you Bodie, and I hope these memories bring you as many smiles as they brought me.

    Auntie Meg

  17. Hey Bodie,

    I have been thinking of your mom a lot lately and how much I miss her, but what amazes me is that through all the sadness and tears she still manages to put a smile on my face. All I have to do is think of her and the ridiculous times we had together and I can’t help but smile. I can still hear her laugh; she had the most outrageous laugh that came straight from the belly. Here are some random memories that I wanted to share with you.

    She was the worst backseat driver that I have ever encountered in my entire life, I’m sure Auntie Megan can back me up on this one. Once when driving to Squaw Valley to night ski with your dad, Megan and I she let Meg drive her car. Well that was a mistake because the entire way there Karli was gasping like Megan was driving like a crazy person, or was about to get into a head on collision. Her gasps always followed with a MEGANNNN!! Haha that went on the entire way there, but we made it safely and enjoyed an amazing night of snowboarding.

    I know that without knowing your mother I would not be the person I am today, she taught me so much. One of the lessons your mother has taught me is to always stick up for yourself no matter what, and I know without a doubt that she would have passed this on to you as well. There are many ways to describe your mother, but passive is not one of them, if she had something to say you would know. I believe this was one of her best qualities because she never held anything back, if you have a problem with something say it, because it isn't going to fix itself. I’m not going to lie, sometimes we would get in little tiffs because we were both so stubborn, but looking back on those times make me laugh, because I realize half the reason I’m so stubborn is because I had to compete with your mother constantly. Just an example of this, she was obsessed with calling shotgun, but of course she always made up the rules herself. One time I called shotgun fair and square, but your mom wouldn’t get into the car no matter what, even though I won using her rules. Finally Emily made me get out of the car because she realized that Karli would not back down no matter what, so I got out and your mom got the front seat. Of course I was mad at the time, but looking back it was one of the qualities I admired most about your mother. Her ability to go after something with 110%, whether it be shotgun or nursing school, she went after things with such fire that nothing could hold her back.

    Well that’s it for tonight, many more memories coming your way.
    Love you little man

  18. Hey Bodie,
    Karli was like the sister I never had. She was one of the first friends I ever had when i move to Reno in 1991. We shared a lot of great memories over the years. Growing up going to Meeks Bay or to King Skate to roller blade. We became even closer friends after a hard year of living together our freshman year of college. Karli was one of the greatest friends because no matter how much or how little we would hang out over the years, it is like we never missed a day together. Every day spent with her was entertaining, there was never a dull moment with Karli. I will never forget that about her. I truly felt loved by her, the kind of love you usually only feel from your family. Know that she was a loving, caring, great friend to all of us.
    Cameron Calvert

  19. Bodie,
    First of all, you are so adorable it's ridiculous. Now, it's so difficult to tell you about your mother because she was truly amazing. She was definitely one of a kind; the kind of person you don't forget. She knew everyone. She was so friendly and was so social. She loved to talk to everyone, make jokes with people, and find out what everyone was doing. For all those reasons, she was so much fun to hang out with. Anyone that has ever met her will tell you that forever. Another thing about her was that she was so pretty. She was so beautiful on the inside, and to top it all off she was a gorgeous girl on the outside. The day of her wedding she looked so stunning. Her long blonde hair, her pretty wedding dress, and the biggest smile on her face.
    The thing that I loved most about your mother is that she wanted the best for people. She was always on my case telling me to be better. She was always helping me with my problems and listening to me like a good friend. She was the one person that I would call with my problems because she was so good at listening and helping. For that I will always be grateful for her, and I realise how special that is to find. Irreplaceable.
    My second favourite thing about her is how silly she was. The most silly girl you would ever meet. Basically, she had a little joke for everything. I will tell you more details when you are older.
    Basically, I want you to know how special you are. You're mom was so damn special. And you have the best dad in the world. Will is one of the nicest people I have ever met and he was the perfect match for Karli. They were the best couple, and so incredibly in love. It's something that I hope to find one day. I have all the faith in the world that you are going to be a wonderful person in this world. I love you so much, and I think about you all the time.
    All of my love,
    Jessica Costelloe

  20. Hi Bodie,
    Here's a memory I thought of this morning from when your mom and I were kids.

    Your mom and her friend Vanessa used to play Barbies ALL THE TIME. Being the little sister, of course I was never allowed to play with them (not that I liked Barbies anyways, but I wanted to play with the big girls). So one day they finally let me play with them. I thought I was going to get to pick out cute outfits for them and have my own Barbie to play with, but nooooo. The only reason they let me play with them is because they needed someone to drive the Barbie taxi. So after they were done dressing up their Barbies and getting all their "accessories" ready, they loaded them up into the taxi, handed it over to me, and ran out into the backyard to set up their stuff on the trampoline.

    I started pushing the taxi down the hallway, but when I got to the top of the stairs, I figured it would be easier to just pick it up and carry it. As soon as I picked it up, your mom comes running in and sees me and immediately yells at me to put the taxi back on the floor because "Barbie cars don't fly". She made me drive the taxi down every single stair, down the hallway, through the living room, across the back deck, and across the lawn to the trampoline.

    It took me forever, but of course I would have done anything to play with Karli. I loved her so much, and if I had to push a plastic car through the house in order to hang out with her, I would've done it over and over.

    -Auntie Meg

  21. Bodie,

    It has been just about 4 months since you were born and since I lost one of my best friends in the whole world. I have sat down on multiple occasions trying to find the words to describe just how special your mom was to me. Every time I have tried it has been too hard. I became too sad just thinking about her amazingly colorful personality and how I would never get the chance to tell her how much I loved her again. I could not find the words to explain her significance in my life. I have finally come to realize that there are no words that can adequately describe how special she was to me, so I have decided to just tell you a couple of stories about the amazing times I was blessed to share with her.
    I will start by telling you a little bit about our trip to the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2008. There were nine of us girls - it was crazy! Megan, Lyndsay, Jacqui, Kara, Amanda, Emily, Emily’s friend your mom and I all piled into to your grandma Susie’s van and drove to the San Francisco airport to catch our flight. When we arrived we found out that it had been delayed. We spent the entire night in the San Fran airport waiting to catch the next flight. Most people would be a little bummed that their flight was delayed, but not us. Oh no… we made the best of it! I don’t think that anyone has had that much fun during an overnight airport stay… EVER! When we finally made it to the DR (as we liked to refer to it as) we had the most amazing trip. One thing that I will never forget is the puppy that your mom and I decided to rescue from the resort. Your mom loved dogs probably more than anyone I have ever met (E. We decided to take this stray dog into our hotel room and even pondered the idea of finding a way to bring it back to the U.S. with us. Most of the other girls were disgusted by the fact that there was a stray dog sleeping in our room, but your mom and I didn’t care. We let it sleep in the bed with us. We ended up giving the dog to the resort security guards a day or so later because we found out that pets were not allowed in the rooms and we did not want to get kicked out before the trip was over. It was likely for the best, considering that all nine of us ended up sick upon our return to Nevada. We attributed this to either all of the nasty food we consumed or something that we all contracted from the stray pup. Ooops!

  22. The year 2009 was one of the best years that I have ever had. Your mom was finishing up with nursing school, and your auntie Lyndsay and I had just been accepted into graduate school and we’re nervously anticipating moving away from Reno. We had such a tight bond and I could not imagine living so far away from the girls that meant so much to me. Although we were all really busy with school we made it a point to spend as much fun time together as we possibly could. We would stay out until all hours of the night, just having the time of our lives! It was the norm to end our night at either Taco Bell or Jack-in-the-Box (because they are the only food placed open late night) to get some late night $1 tacos. I think I gained nearly 10 lbs that year, but it was well worth it!
    I had planned to move to Portland, Oregon in early August and I was terrified to leave my friends. Your mom knew that! I remember one night in particular. We had made plans to go out and your mom insisted that Lyndsay and I come pick her up from her house. When we arrived we were greeted with a “SURPRISE”! Your mom had planned the most amazing going away party for the two of us behind our backs. My family, Lyndsay’s family and all of our friends had showed up to celebrate with us. Your mom cooked amazing appetizers and it was so special. I will never forget it!
    When I moved to Portland I quickly realized that I would never be able to meet girl friends like the ones I had waiting for me in Reno. I swear, girls like your mom are very few and far between. We did a pretty good job of keeping in touch despite how busy and different our schedules were. I was in school all day and she was working mainly night shifts. I remember feeling very down for a while because I missed my friends so much. I called your mom at one point and told her that I had been spending all of my time staying home and watching Red Box movies by myself. (I am curious to see if Red Box still exists by the time you are able to read this). I told your mom how much I missed her and how much I missed our good times in Reno. On my birthday at the end of September I received a package in the mail. It was from your mom. I still have the card that she sent with the gift. It read, “Gappy, here are a couple of things to remind you of our times in Reno, and some money so you can rent some more Red Box movies… on me. Love Karlton” In the box was a RenoNV tee-shirt and shot glass and a crisp $5 bill. That is the kind of friend that she was. Always thinking about her friends and doing what ever she could to make it known that she loved each and every one of us!

  23. Your mom was simply amazing! An amazing person, an even more amazing friend and most of all she would have been the most amazing mother to you! She wanted nothing more than to be your mommy and it breaks my heart every day to know that she never got that chance. I still have the text message in my phone from her saying “My eggo is preggo!” She was so excited and would send “baby Bodie” updates after her doctor appointments. When I saw her at Thanksgiving just weeks before you were born she was glowing like I had never seen her glow before.
    She was so excited to bring you into this world and I am thankful that she was able to do just that. It was not until just recently that I realized what the term “Bitter Sweet” really means. I feel that this past four months has been the most bitter sweet time of my life. I get onto Facebook almost daily and visit your mom’s page. She was a FB fanatic! I feel very sad and bitter when I look back at all the pictures that she had posted over the years, but then I remember all of the amazing times that we shared together. Then I see all of the pictures that are posted of you and I realize that Karli left us the sweetest gift possible… you! You are a part of her and I am so excited to watch you grow and see more and more of her in you each year.
    I hope that you grow up knowing that your mommy loves you more than anything. You have the most amazing daddy and family and also have so many people that care about you more than you could ever know. There are so many people that loved your mom, more than you could ever imagine. She was one of the most special people in the entire world.

    I finally got to meet you this week. You are just about 7 months old and I fell in love with you the second I laid eyes on you. Precious! When your Grandma Susie put you in my arms I realized that a part of your mommy lives through you, and for that I am grateful. Even though you “burped up” on me I did not want to give you back to your Grandma (and I knew that your mommy probably put you up to it). Haha. Your grandma Susie showed me some of your mom’s baby photos, and you are a spitting image of her. For that you are very lucky… those are amazing genes to inherit, and I am so excited to watch you grow!
    I just hope that you grow up knowing that you are loved by so many people. You’re mother was an amazing person and I know that a little of her will always shine through you! I am so grateful that she left us such a special gift- little precious Bodie.

    With tons of Love,