Monday, December 19, 2011

Donating to The Johnson Memorial Fund

Donate here.

Thank you for supporting the Johnson family during these hard times.


  1. I would like to donate my services.. Im a Postpartum Doula/Newborn Care specialist....Please let me know if I can help..
    Take Care,
    Heather McCreary

  2. I am a local longtime photography business owner, and would love to volunteer my services to do all of Bodie's first year portraits! That's something the mom always takes care of, so I would be very happy to help coordinate everything and make sure he gets his progress portraits done regularly.

    I would also be happy to do some type of portrait fundraiser if that would help too-- by selling certificates and donating the money.

    Sue Halliburton
    Sierra Elegance Photography

    I would love to do Bodie's newborn portraits in the next week or two if possible!

  3. I worked with Karli at Renown. I would like to know if I could offer any of my baby boy items to little Bodie. I have a few larger items left in good shape. A swing/bouncer combo, and a bassinet. Plus many clothes, blankets, etc. If there is anything needed that hasn't been covered please let me know and I am happy to give it to the little guy. email: Thanks.

    Tricia M.